Zen One State: Third Pillar

Andre Zen · January 19, 2023

Awaken to the power, love and wisdom of the true-self.

Discover the joy and bliss of unfolding the many layers of your inner nature, and deeply connecting with your true-self. The higher-self is uncommonly referred to as The God-Self; for your true nature is divine. The higher-self is the only aspect of self that separates you from the infinite oneness of the great spirit (God/Allah).

This course is designed to awaken within you your unique connection to infinite source, and initiate, accelerate and facilitate the unfolding/expansion of your soul and it’s perfect self-expression.

“Getting to know your higher-self is akin to being in alignment with who you are at your core. It is the first step in attaining true enlightenment – the path of which encompasses many lifetimes. Rest assured, what we do here, will echo throughout all our many incarnations.” Andre Zen

Course Content

Introduction: Zen State Philosophies

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Andre Zen

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