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The Zen One: Spiritual Awakening

Welcome to The Zen One Spiritual Awakening Academy, where our mission is to be your gateway to acquiring knowledge, tools, and the transformative power needed to embark on your spiritual and practical journey, all at your own pace. Our teachings are thoughtfully crafted to help individuals expand their consciousness, heal from past traumas, and unleash their full potential.

At our academy, we offer a unique fusion of both contemporary and ancient techniques. From meditation and breathwork to mastering elemental energy control, understanding the true nature of reality, and harnessing the energy of the natural world to transcend the mundane. We empower you to liberate yourself from the shadows of ignorance.

The Zen One Spiritual Awakening Academy provides a range of options to cater to your individual needs. Explore our diverse courses, engaging workshops, and personalised one-on-one sessions. Our commitment is to guide every student along their path of spiritual awakening and transformation. We firmly believe that within each person lies the incredible power to redefine their life, and our academy is here to champion those who are poised to embrace this profound change.

We welcome students of all backgrounds and levels, and we hold our arms open to those who are willing to share their wisdom. Every bit of support we receive goes a long way. Know that proceeds from the Academy, after covering necessary expenses, are channeled into supporting humanitarian efforts worldwide.

Join us at The Zen One Spiritual Awakening Academy and become part of a global community dedicated to spiritual growth, transformation, and making a positive impact on the world.

Your journey starts here.

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The Zen One Spiritual Awakening Academy

The Founder


The Zen One Spiritual Awakening Academy was founded by Master Alchemist of Transformation Andre Zen, who received the title of The Zen One after his initiation into the Mastery of Transformation by the Unified Guild of Master Alchemists (UGMA). With years of experience in spirituality, shamanism, hermeticism, Alchemy and personal transformation under his belt, Andre Zen created this academy as a safe space for people to learn, grow and awaken to the full potential of their own innate power, love and wisdom.

You can learn more about Andre via his website below:

The Zen One

Andre Zen

What People Are Saying


The Zen One Academy is an extension of Andre Zen. The following statements have been made by students who have been coached by Andre on subjects related to the courses offered herein.

Lucie Lu
Lucie Lu
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Andre is so passionate and invested, his guidance and knowledge brought the best out of me!
Jovan Wolf
Jovan Wolf
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I would 100% recommend Andre for your Spiritual Questions and journeys. I can't wait to interact more with Andre towards my Spiritual goals.
Colin Underhill
Colin Underhill
Hertford, UK
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I definitely feel much more capable than before, and when out with friends even they have noticed that I am different.
Si Ying
Si Ying
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Andre is a wonderful soul! He is incredibly intuitive and spiritually gifted, definitely someone who has the best interests of the world at heart.