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  1. Introduction

    Introduction: Modern Master Key System
  2. Lesson 1: The World Within
    L1.1 The Conscious Mind
    2 Topics
  3. L1.2 The Subconscious Mind
    1 Topic
  4. L1.3 The Universal Mind
    2 Topics
  5. L1.4: The Power of Stillness
    1 Quiz
  6. Lesson 2: The Creative Power Of Thought
    L2: Introduction
  7. L2.1 What Is Thought?
  8. L2.2 The Secret Of Creative Power
    3 Topics
    1 Quiz
  9. Lesson 3: The Solar Plexus
    L3: Introduction
  10. L3.1 Your Mental Home
  11. L3.2 The Sun Of The Body
  12. L3.3 Perception of Infinite Mind
    2 Topics
    1 Quiz
  13. Lesson 4: The Building Of A New Life
    L4: Introduction
  14. L4.1 Your True Being
  15. L4.2 The The More We Give, The More We Get
  16. L4.3 Mental Freedom
    1 Topic
    1 Quiz
  17. Lesson 5: The Greatest Discovery
    L5: Introduction
  18. L5.2 The Material Of Mind
  19. L5.3 Claiming Your Inheritance
    2 Topics
    1 Quiz
  20. Lesson 6: Eternal Truth
    L6: Introduction
  21. L6.2 The Secret Of All Mental Power
  22. L6.3 The Path of Action
    3 Topics
    1 Quiz
  23. Lesson 7 The Invisible Power
    L7: Introduction
  24. L7.1 The Power of Visualisation
  25. L7.2 The Power of Repetition
    2 Topics
    1 Quiz
  26. Lesson 8: The Scepter of Power
    L8: Introduction
  27. L8.1 The Creative Principle
  28. L8.2 The Power of Recognition
    2 Topics
    1 Quiz
  29. Lesson 9: The Tools to Build
    L9: Introduction
  30. L9.1: The Three Desires
  31. L9.2 Obtainment
  32. L9: Practical Exercise
    1 Quiz
  33. Lesson 10: Manifest Definite Causes
    L10: Introduction
  34. L10.1: Abundance Nature is Lavish
  35. L10: Practical Exercise
    1 Quiz
  36. Lesson 11: Immutable Principles
    L11: Introduction
  37. L11.1: The Epoch of Human Progress
  38. L11.2: The Power of Belief
  39. L11: Practical Exercise
    1 Quiz
  40. Lesson 12: Your Power
    L12: Introduction
  41. L12.1: The Price of Success
  42. L12.2: Unlimited Possibilities
  43. L12: Practical Exercise
    1 Quiz
  44. Lesson 13: Spiritual Science
    L13: Introduction
  45. L13.1: Inductive Science
  46. L13.2: Harmony & Happiness
  47. L13: Practical Exercise
    1 Quiz
  48. Lesson 14: These Principles Herein
    L14: Introduction
  49. L14.1: Universal Substance
  50. L14.2: The Result of Appearances
  51. L14: Practical Exercise
    1 Quiz
  52. Lesson 15: For Our Benefit
    L15: Introduction
  53. L15.1: For Our Sole Advantage
  54. L15.2: The Beauty of Words
  55. L15: Practical Exercise
    1 Quiz
  56. Lesson 16: The Septimal Law
    L16: Introduction
  57. L16.1: Wealth
  58. L16.2: Thoughts of Vigor
  59. L16: Practical Exercise
    1 Quiz
  60. Lesson 17: All Knowledge
    L17: Introduction
  61. L17.1: Dominion
  62. L17.2: Human Dynamo
  63. L17: Practical Exercise
    1 Quiz
  64. Lesson 18: Growth & The Law of Attraction
    L18: Introduction
  65. L18.1: New Consciousness
  66. L18.2: Objective Growth
  67. L18: Practical Exercise
    1 Quiz
  68. Lesson 19: Fear
    L19: Introduction
  69. L19.1: The Search
  70. L19.2: The Offspring of Power
  71. L19: Practical Exercise
    1 Quiz
  72. Lesson 20: The Origins
    L20: Introduction
  73. L20.1: Use determines Success
  74. L20.2: Inspiration, Silence & Breath
  75. L20: Practical Exercise
    1 Quiz
  76. L21: Introduction
  77. Lesson 21: Secrets of Victory
    L21.1: A Consciousness of Power
  78. L21.2: The Battle of Ideas
  79. L21: Practical Exercise
    1 Quiz
  80. L22: Introduction
  81. Lesson 22: Spiritual Seeds
    L22.1: Conception
  82. L22.2: Vibration
  83. L22: Practical Exercise
    1 Quiz
  84. Lesson 23: The Art of Wealth Building
    L23: Introduction
  85. L23.1: Wealth Consciousness
  86. L23.2: Business
  87. L23: Practical Exercise
    1 Quiz
  88. L24: Alchemy of Thought
    L24: Introduction
  89. L24.1: Truthful Thinking
  90. L24.2: Perfection
  91. L24: Final Lesson
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L14.1: Universal Substance

Andre Zen November 3, 2023

In understanding the Universal Energy from which all motion, light, heat, and color originate, we recognize that it is not confined by the limitations of the effects it produces; rather, it reigns supreme over them all. This Universal Substance serves as the wellspring of Power, Wisdom, and Intelligence.

To truly grasp this Intelligence is to acquaint ourselves with the cognitive aspect of the Mind. Through this understanding, we can influence the Universal Substance, bringing harmony to our lives.

This knowledge often eludes even the most educated in the physical sciences. They have not ventured into this realm of discovery, one that remains largely uncharted. It seems they have yet to realize that wisdom is as omnipresent as force and substance.

Some may question why, if these principles are accurate, we have not achieved the desired results. The answer lies in our comprehension of the law and our capacity to apply it effectively. Like the early days of electricity, we experienced no results until someone articulated the law and demonstrated its application.

This revelation places us in a new relationship with our environment, unveiling hitherto unimagined possibilities. A structured sequence of laws accompanies this transformation in our mental attitude.

The Mind’s creative power is a legitimate and inherent facet of the universe. It originates not in the individual but in the Universal, the source of all energy and substance. The individual serves as the conduit for the distribution of this energy, forming various combinations that give rise to phenomena.

Scientists have delved into matter, breaking it down into molecules, atoms, and electrons. The discovery of electrons occupying high vacuum glass tubes, often containing metal terminals, unmistakably signifies their presence throughout space. They exist universally, filling all material bodies and even the so-called empty spaces. This Universal Substance serves as the foundation from which all things emerge.

Electrons, in their natural state, remain electrons until they are directed by the Mind to assemble into atoms and molecules. The director of this grand orchestration is the Mind itself. The union of electrons in specific mathematical ratios forms atoms, which, in turn, combine to shape molecules. These molecules, in a multitude of combinations, build our universe.

The lightest known atom, hydrogen, is 1,700 times heavier than an electron, while an atom of mercury is 300,000 times heavier. Electrons represent pure negative electricity and share the same potential velocity as other cosmic energies, such as heat, light, electricity, and thought. They travel at approximately 189,380 miles per second.

In 1676, the Danish astronomer Roemer deduced the velocity of light by observing the eclipses of Jupiter’s moons. This calculation confirmed that light travels at about 186,000 miles per second.

Electrons are more than mere particles; they manifest as cells in the body, each possessing enough mind and intelligence to perform its duties within the human physical anatomy. Our body consists of countless cells, some operating independently, others collaboratively. They construct tissues, generate vital secretions, transport materials, repair damage, eliminate waste, and protect against unwanted intruders like germs.

These cells, living entities with their own intelligence, also exhibit a conscious choice in selecting their nourishment. They are born, replicate, die, and become reabsorbed. Our well-being and life itself hinge on the continual regeneration of these cells.

Each atom in the body possesses its own mind. This inherent intelligence within every cell is often referred to as the subconscious mind, as it operates without our conscious awareness. Notably, this subconscious mind is responsive to the conscious mind’s will, offering insight into the principles underlying metaphysical healing.