7 Day Mental Diet

Gain a super-positive mindset, using this tried and tested enhanced version of the 7 day mental diet.

Andre Zen · January 19, 2023

This free course has been adapted from Dr Emmet Fox original 7 day mental diet.

The course lasts just seven days, if you can complete the challenge, then you’ll have gained a lasting positive mindset that will lead you to a life of happiness, health and abundance. However, most people take between 3-6 weeks to successfully complete this course.

Are you up to the challenge of reprogramming your mindset?

It took me 3 months to complete, however the average person usually completes the challenge in just 3 weeks. The length of time isn’t as important as achieving your goals to develop a powerfully positive mindset.

In this course, you will learn how the power of thoughts shape your reality by combining practical tools to tap into the unlimited power of your own mind.

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    1. Hi Rahul,

      Yes this is the same one. I’ve decided to turn it into a free course. Which will be done very soon. In the meanwhile I do have an article on my own website outlining how to get started. I’ll send you the link privately.

      Much Love,