7 Stages of Spiritual Awakening

Spiritual Awakening Through Meditative Practise

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In the realm of spiritual growth and self-discovery, the path of Spiritual Awakening is a much treasured journey from limitation to freedom, from unconsciousness to full consciousness. It is a profound process that takes us beyond our boundaries and propels us towards the next evolutionary step. As we embark on this journey, we encounter the 7 stages of Spiritual Awakening, each of which corresponds to a specific chakra in our energetic system. Through overcoming the challenges and temptations associated with each chakra, we can ascend to higher levels of awareness and consciousness. Let us explore these stages and the role of the chakras in our spiritual growth.

Stage 1: Root Chakra – The Stage of the False-Self

The journey begins at the root chakra, the foundation of our physical being. In this stage, we are deeply asleep, unaware of our true spiritual nature. We conform to societal norms and live within the constructs of culture and religion. Our identities are defined by external factors, and we seek approval and acceptance from others in order to survive. Happiness is dependent on external circumstances, and we lack awareness of the connection between our thoughts and our experiences. Our awareness at this level is mostly centred around preservation i.e survival. However, a subtle feeling of “something more” starts to emerge, hinting at the possibility of a higher reality.

Stage 2: Sacral Chakra – The Stage of Questioning

As we progress to the sacral chakra, doubts and discomfort arise. We question the validity of societal rules and beliefs, realising that they no longer serve us. The search for answers intensifies, and we begin to disentangle from mass consciousness. We may feel lost and blame external factors for our unhappiness. The process of self-discovery initiates, and we start to explore spiritual practices such as meditation and mindfulness. However, resistance and fear of change may hinder our progress. Those at this stage may also become entangled in a wide range of carnal desires. Only by overcoming base desires can we ascend to a higher level of awareness.

Stage 3: Solar Plexus Chakra – The Stage of Introspection

In the solar plexus chakra stage, we turn inward to seek answers and release limiting beliefs. We disentangle from societal conditioning and reject disempowering ways of life. Loneliness becomes a common experience as we recognise the dichotomy of existence. We may question the purpose of awakening, longing for a sense of belonging. Yet, we begin to experience moments of power and clarity, understanding the connection between our thoughts and reality. Letting go becomes the key to progress.

Stage 4: Heart Chakra – The Stage of Resolution

As we reach the heart chakra, a profound shift occurs. We experience deep peace, knowing our true selves and letting go of the false ego. Forgiveness and unconditional self-love become integral to our being. Relationships improve, and we no longer seek external validation. We teach and mentor, not out of obligation but pure joy. Living in the present moment becomes effortless, and we realise that happiness lies within us. Our thoughts and beliefs align with harmony, balance and purpose.

Stage 5: Throat Chakra – The Stage of Conscious Creation

The throat chakra stage marks the transition to conscious creation. We understand that life has no preordained purpose, and we have the power to choose our own. Work and play merge seamlessly as we follow our inspiration and desires. We develop a direct connection with all of life and become channels for authentic expression. Our thoughts manifest effortlessly, and we consciously create the life we desire. We experience deep gratitude and appreciation for the present moment and the interconnectedness of all beings. Inward expression is the art of listening with heart and mind, outward expression is the art of speaking and physically doing from the heart.

Stage 6: Third Eye Chakra – The Stage of Divine Insight

In the third eye chakra stage, our intuition and connection with infinite intelligence deepens. We develop new paradigms of leadership and community-building, guided by our expanded awareness. We realise that there are no right/wrong paths in awakening. We are fully integrated with our higher-selves and live in alignment with our true purpose. Our personality remains intact, but we become more easy-going and light-hearted. We understand the power of our thoughts and beliefs, and see the deeper meanings of all that is.

Stage 7: Crown Chakra – The Stage of Spiritual Mastery

The final stage of spiritual awakening is the crown chakra stage, where we embody spiritual mastery. We are conscious creators, effortlessly experiencing peace and fulfilment in everyday life. We have transcended the ego and aligned ourselves with the divine. Our thoughts and beliefs support harmony and balance, and we have complete trust in the flow of life. We have let go of the need for external validation and experience unconditional self-love. Our presence alone inspires and uplifts others.

The Zen One Spiritual Academy

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The 7 stages of spiritual awakening, offer a transformative journey through the chakras, guiding us from limitation to freedom, and from unconsciousness to consciousness. By embracing the challenges and overcoming the temptations of each stage, we can achieve spiritual mastery and live in alignment with our true purpose. The Zen One Spiritual Academy serves as a guiding light, supporting individuals on their path of self-discovery and growth. Embrace each stage of your awakening, and remember, you are exactly where you need to be on your unique journey towards enlightenment.

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To your continued enlightenment,

Andre Zen

Transformation Alchemist

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  1. I love this concept of awakening each chakra. I’ve always viewed the chakras as gateways! This resonates deeply! Thank you my friend.